Doctor of Education - Music Education

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Doctor of Education

Music Education

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) with a major in music education is a joint program of the College of Education and the School of Music. The program of study includes music education, music history, music theory, professional education, and research.

The objective of the degree is to provide advanced professional training in music pedagogy appropriate for careers in teaching, administration, research, and other educational services. The Ed.D. is usually regarded as necessary for those seeking positions as high-level administrators in public or private schools or as college faculty members.

The SEAT Program (Summer Educational Advancement for Teachers) is a special matriculation plan for inservice teachers which allows the degree to be earned in two to three summer sessions with minimal course work during the year.

Prior to the interview, the following is submitted to the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music:

  • A detailed description of the applicant's teaching and other professional experiences with supporting documentation such as course syllabi, teaching materials, concert programs, articles, etc.
  • A 500-1000 word sample of the applicant's writing style. This may be in the form of a written review of an article from the current music education literature or an essay on a music education subject which is of interest to the applicant. Master's thesis, published articles, etc., are also accepted.

Graduate admissions information

Suggested matriculation summary for the degree Doctor of Education with a major in music education