Classic City Jazz members Meet Wynton Marsalis

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First Tony Bennett, Now this:

On February 22, members of UGA's vocal jazz ensemble Classic City jazz (Mitos Andaya, director) spent the evening with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Orchestra. The group was invited to attend the sound check and talk with many of the musicians. Wynton Marsalis, the 8-time Grammy Winner and Pulitzer prize recipient took ample time with CCJ both before and after the concert to answer questions and talk on a number of topics. John newsome, CCJ's Vice-President and a journalism major reports:

We heard the group warm up and run through a couple of tunes. Then we sat down for a Q & A with saxophonist Ted Nash and trombonist Vincent Gardner. We asked about the orchestra’s seamless blend, the difference between a good and great concert, some of their favorite artists, and the future of jazz.

Before we left for dinner before the show, we ran into Wynton Marsalis. We talked for 15 minutes about how he runs rehearsals, his set list for that night, and about his incredible work ethic on and off the stage.

Photos available on facebook,

These kids are obviously going places.