Student Recitals

Wes Shepard, guitar, and Frances Doughtie, harp, performing works by Bonnard and Diabelli.

Geoff Locksmith and Matt Reid, guitar, performing works by Villa-Lobos and deVisee.

Tom Seymour and Michael Simon, guitar, performing works by J.S. Bach.

Matthew Anderson, guitar, performing works by Barrios and Moreno-Torroba.

Dusty Woodruff and Rylan Smith, guitar, performing works by Telemann, Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Debussy.

Collegium Musicum Concert

The UGA Collegium Musicum will present a concert entitled 'Les Go˚ts-RÈunis': French and Italian Styles United in the French Baroque, featuring vocal and instrumental music by Antonia Bembo, Jean Gilles, FranÁois Couperin, Louis-Nicolas ClÈrambault, and Bonaventure Gilles. The Collegium Musicum is made up of faculty and students.

Student Recitals

Sarah Humphreys, organ, performing works by Bruhns, Brahms and Langlais.

Janis Maxwell, organ, performing works by J. S. Bach and Rheinberger.

This recital will take place at the First† Presbyterian Church, 185 E. Hancock Avenue, Athens, GA.

Alumni Electronic Concert

The Roger and Phyllis Dancz Center for New Music will host its first Alumni Electronic Concert in†the performance area of the Center, which is located in the School of Music. The concert will feature the music of Samuel Burt, Derek Keller, Mitchell Turner, Brian Willke, and Steven Yi. Works involving live interaction, Digital Versatile Disc, an electroacoustic work for double bass and stereo sound, and traditional stereo electronics will be featured.


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