British Brass Band: Trombones & Dragons

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University of Georgia's British Brass Band will be performing Tuesday, March 27th at 8 pm in Hodgson Concert Hall. The band is under the direction of the William F. and Pamela P. Prokasy Professor in the Arts, Philip Smith. The concert is free and open to the public.

The British Brass Band is the newest brass ensemble at the Hugh Hodgson School of Music. It is made up of the standard brass band instrumentation seen throughout the world. Their repertoire encompasses a wide variety of styles, including the pieces chosen for the March 27th rogram, entitled "Trombones & Dragons," which opens with the piece Summon the Dragon by Peter Graham.  

Joining them will be UGA Associate Professor of Trombone Josh Bynum, special guest James Scott, who has been the Principle Trombone of Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra since 1981, and the UGA Trombone Choir. The UGA Trombone Choir provides a musical outlet for both majors and non-majors and is directed by Dr. Bynum.