PhD overview

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Doctor of Philosophy

The program of study for the degree Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is divided into four areas including a major concentration, a minor concentration, a research component, and electives in music. The major area of concentration may be chosen from the fields of musicology/ethnomusicology, music theory, or music education. The minor area is chosen from a field outside of music. The degree is research oriented and prepares students for the roles of teaching and research in higher education.

At least two consecutive semesters of full-time work (enrollment for a minimum of 20 hours of consecutive coursework included on the program of study) must be spent in resident study on the campus of the University of Georgia. Resident credit used to satisfy requirements for another degree cannot be used to satisfy the requirements for this degree.

Applications to this program should include a representative writing sample, preferably a master's thesis or published articles. Reading knowledge of at least one foreign language is a requirement if the candidate wishes to concentrate in musicology.

Suggested matriculation for the PhD-Degree