Admissions Overview

Step 1: Choose music program

Bachelor of ArtsMusic

Bachelor of Music:






Step 2: Check audition requirements


Step 3: Apply to the University of Georgia

You cannot attend the Hugh Hodgson School of Music as a music major or minor unless you are ultimately accepted by the University of Georgia.

During the course of the UGA application process, you will be issued a nine-digit UGA ID Number (sometimes referred to as an "81x"). This number is required to complete the School of Music application.

[Current UGA students skip to Step 4.]

Apply to UGA


Step 4: Apply to the Hugh Hodgson School of Music

Do not wait until UGA makes a decision on your application to apply to the School of Music. If you wait until March, you will have missed our January-February scholarship auditions and studio spaces might be filled. Go ahead and apply as soon as you finish your UGA application.

Prepare music résumé 

To be submitted with your music application, this document should highlight musical achievements and experience thus far. Students should feel free to include current and/or previous private instructors, ensemble participation, competitions, volunteer experience, etc. See a sample here

Two (2) music recommendations

Think of at least two (2) music instructors and/or ensemble directors with whom you have studied for a sustained period, and then ask them if they would be willing to write a recommendation for you as a part of your application to the Hodgson School of Music. Your recommenders should be able to speak to your personal work ethic, musical aptitude, and potential as a musician. On the Acceptd application, you will be prompted to provide the names and email addresses of these two recommenders (a third and optional recommender may also be provided). After submitting your application, each of your recommenders will be sent an email with a link to an electronic recommendation form, which they will complete and submit on your behalf. The recommendation form answers will be tied to your application, and will only be visible to Hodgson School of Music faculty and authorized staff. 

Apply to The HHSOM

Step 5: Await audition time to be sent

Audition date and time confirmation will arrive through the Acceptd portal.

Please email Music Admissions if you have any questions.