Mission Statement

At nightThe mission of the Hugh Hodgson School of Music—in accord with The University of Georgia's threefold commitment to teaching, research, and service—is to seek excellence, applying national and international standards, in:

  1. Offering instructional programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels to prepare students for a wide variety of professional careers in music performance, scholarship, composition, and music education/therapy; providing a major in music in the context of the liberal arts degree; and offering educational experiences and opportunities to take part in musical performance to all members of the University community; 
  2. Contributing to the knowledge and literature of music through scholarship/research, performance and composition;
  3. Providing educational programs in music for professionals and non-professionals, and contributing to the quality of life of the University community and general public through a variety of musical presentations.

Dr. Peter Jutras, Director

Hugh Hodgson biography