Bachelor of Music -Music Composition

The Bachelor of Music in Music Composition is a professional degree preparing qualified students for work in the music industry and/or graduate study. The program provides three years of applied lessons in a primary instrument and three years of intensive study in composition, during which students participate in weekly seminars that focus on analysis and the evaluation of undergraduate compositions. The program includes a strong foundation in music theory and music history. Performance of contemporary music is emphasized. The four years of study culminates with a composition recital that presents a multi-movement or large-form composition for an ensemble. Composition majors are also required to perform recitals in their applied area (vocal or instrumental).

Applicants are required to audition for admission into this program.

Official Declaration of Major

Students must interview with the music composition faculty at the end of the first year of music study and maintain a grade of B or better in all music theory and aural skills in order to be admitted to and remain in the composition program. Full acceptance to the program requires a jury before the composition faculty in which works written as part of the second year composition class are presented for consideration.

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